****    Dear Visitors, Welcome to Canadianlive "The Travel- and Informationplattform on the Internet" !!!   ****   This Homepage is created to introduce this beautiful Country to all of you. If you need Help or if you got Questions please do not Hesitate to Contact us !  ****

Welcome to Canadianlive

Actual News !!!

We are Happy that you found the Way to our Webpage !

As "Friends of this beatiful Country" we often saw incomplete or wrong Informations about Canada.
Therefore we thought we can do it better and created this Web Page to give you more to know about Canada. If you can't find something or if you miss something, please do not hesitate to Contact us via Phone, Fax, Email. You can also use the Contact Button.

We will be Happy to reply as soon as we can! Please allow us a few Days to reply to your'e Questions, as some answers need a bit Time. Most of the Informations are available in English already, but a few Pages are still in German only. Please give us a bit more Time to Translate and you will find here everything you need to know about Canada.

We wish you a lot of Fun by Browsing through Canada !!!

Your Team from Canadianlive


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